Friday, April 29, 2011

Game Copy Niche Testimonials

Game Copy Niche Testimonials

1. Game Copy Niche is so cool and completely copies my favourite games in my computer. In a word, GCW is a Powerful Game Backup Package.
Mark ----- DC, US.

2. I really wanna say "Thank you", coz with GameCopy Wizard,I copied all my favourite DVD's in my computer, and now it runs so smoothly. Don't worry about the DVD scratches anymore!
Smith ----L.D, UK.

3. I have many DVD's from a long time and I try to burn them with regular Program, however it doesn't work for me until I bought GameCopyWizard.Now I have like 23 of them done.
David ----NY, US.

4. I won't worry about "Wierd Disc Errors" anymore. I have copied all my Old CD's into new ones using GameCopyWizard. Good job!
Kate ----CA, US.

5. I had these old game CD's. With GameCopyWizard I had put games from 13 cds into 1 DVD. Awesome this is...
Harris ----AU.

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